March 03, 2017


Back to nature - Estonia

Scandinavian countries are more than beautiful. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to live in one of them. Estonia is a young country with very hardworking, kind and generous people, who are a complete opposite from their cold and ruthless winters.
Park Tallinn
                                       Park in capital city – Tallinn
The thing that really surprised me are the ducks all around us. They are so beautiful, non-disturbing and comfortable in their environment. You can just watch their beauty and enjoy, that’s all you need.

One of the most gorgeous waterfalls I saw was definitely Jägala waterfall. It wasn’t in his full strength and beauty, but still, it was so memorising.
                                                     Jägala waterfall
The nature is almost untouched, with a lot of forests and rivers. Very simple and still very surprisingly extraordinary.
There are so so many things to see: rivers, canyons, lakes, islands...and in such a beautiful atmosphere. This was a true back to nature experience. Hope to get back there soon... :)

                                           Artificial lake near to Kehra



January 27, 2017


1, 2, 3 soup

It's a perfect time for a hot soup! 1, 2, 3 as quick as that, you have a simple and a good soup.

You will need:
• 5 carrots-medium size
• Half of a celery (root)
• 1 big potato
• Dry red paprika
• 2 medium onions
• 2cm of grated ginger
• Nutmeg
• Himalayan salt
• Black pepper
• ground dried coriander
• dill
Chop the carrots and the celery to small pieces and fry on a little bit of olive oil for few minutes. Then add chopped potato and dried paprika. Mix and add around 0,6 l of water, 2 onions, ginger and all the spices. Let is cook until it all softens.

Take out the onions and blend it all a little bit.
Add spices if needed and enjoy the winter!


December 26, 2016


Winter activities

Walk in snow

Maybe it sounds boring but that depends of you ;) If you go alone try to go in nature and make some photos, not just for Instagram or Facebook but amuse yourself and make some interesting photos and capture some unusual moments.

It’s always more interesting to go with somebody, a friend or a dog. Winter snow walk can be pretty healthy and good for you. And if not you can always think of that warm cup of tea at home.

Swiss Alps

                                                                                        Walking area in the Swiss Alps

 Visit a spa

If you have a spa next to you this is a great idea. And if you have a spa center with an open hot-water pool outside that’s even better. But if you have a spa center with an open hot-water pool and a view on the mountains, now that’s spectacular. If you ever have an opportunity to experience that-don’t even thing, just go and visit. I promise it’s worth every trip and every cent.


                                            Spa center in Sion - Switzerland


Go to a museum

But not any museum, find a good one. A butterfly museum, sport museum or  some interesting or even funny one....and go, amuse your winter afternoon and learn something new ;)

Olympic museum Lausanne                

                     Jessy Owens snickers                                                                                  

Olympic museum Lausanne - Switzerland



December 06, 2016


Simple winter cake

The good thing about winter is lots of cookieeeeees...and cakes :D Here is one super easy cake that is also pretty healthy. Ah yeah, and it’s cheap also. The only bad thing is that it won’t worm you up in the cold winter days (because it is served cold) but with a tea or a coffee you’ll be very worm and happy!

For eight people you will need:

·        0,15 l of mineral water

·        0,2 l of vegetable oil (with a neutral taste)

·        4 coffee cups of brown sugar

·        6,5 coffee cups of whole wheat flower

·        2 table spoons of oat bran

·        1 table spoon of baking powder

·        ½ of a lemon (the jus and the grated zest)

·        Jus of ½ grapefruit.

Preparation: I am a pretty impatient person so I simply mix all of the ingredients at once (although you should mix the dry ingredients and than slowly add the liquid ones). Put it in a baking tray 30x30 approximately (it is a biiiiig cake) and bake at 180 degrees 20 minutes.

When it’s done prepare the dip (’cause you’ll need a cold cake for the next steep):

·        0,25 l of milk (I use vegetable milk)

·        200g of dark chocolate

·        5 table spoons of brown sugar

Use a wide pot for this...worm up the milk, add the sugar and the chocolate and mix until you get a god uniform mass.

Slice the cold cake on cubes (3x3 cm) and than dip it for few seconds in warm dipping, on each side.

And for decoration:

·        200g of coconut flower or coconut flakes.


After dipping, put the cake cubes immediately in the coconut flower/flakes and than leave it on the side.

When you’re done put the cake in fridge and leave it there until serving.


Can’t wait to eat it J Enjoy!





October 18, 2016

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Fall Recipe: Best Beef Stew

Needing a savory seasonal recipe that will carry you through the fall and winter? Look no further than this delicious beef stew recipe, a dish that has served and contented my family for decades. 


You’ll need:


Celery cubed 1 cup

Carrots cubed

Turnip cubed

1 large onion sliced

4 cloves garlic

Beef cubed, about 3 to 4 lbs rubbed in flour

1 can beef broth

1 cup red wine

1 tbsp each of basil and oregano

1 small can tomato paste

Potatoes cubed, as desired

1 small package of frozen peas


Place a little bit of oil in a large skillet and sauté onion for 2 minutes, then add garlic, sauté for a few more minutes. Remove to a large pot. 

In the skillet add celery, carrots, turnip, and stir well, you may have to add a little oil, cook for 4 more minutes, then add spices. Remove and add to onion mixture in the larger pot. 

Add a little more oil to pan and brown half of the beef on all sides. 

Repeat procedure until beef is done. 

Mix tomato paste, wine and broth, add to beef, then add to vegetables in the pot. Cover and simmer until tender, when beef is almost ready. 

Cook potatoes in water, when cooked add to beef mixture. Then add the peas, stir a little and serve when warm. 

Again, if you follow these instructions, you will have a richly flavored hot meal that you can prepare again and again. This beef stew is just the best on a cold fall day. 

beef stew  @julienamatkarijo

[email protected]

October 12, 2016


Things you should do in autumn

So, the summer is over and we're all freezing. We don't spend so much time outside so it's time to prepare ourselves for the winter. We should definitely:

*Clean and organize our closet

Put the summer clothes away, it's time for something wormer. you really need all that clothes? Of course not! Not to mention bunch of old clothes that you are saving for “just in case I lose/gain weight” or “this can be IN again someday”. Let’s be real, most of that will never happen, or you will just buy new clothes. You can donate them to Red Cross or other charity organisation, and you can also give it to a friend who might need it.


*Prepare some good worm tea

it is getting colder and is there a better way to worm ourselves quick than to drink a cup of a good tea. Today you can buy a variety of them, exocit ones with dried fruits, sweet ones with bonbons inside of the package, Japanese tea or simply mint, green or black tea. The most important thing is to enjoy in it.

Tea blooming

*Prepare some good books for reading

You don't have to buy a book, you can start reading some of the old ones all over again. You can also go to a library and find some good literacy for these cold days.


*Don't forget the physical activity

If it's not raining, or if it's not really cold you can take a walk or ride a bike (outside or use the indoor room-bike). Maybe you can consider going to gym....and than...really go there :)

You can also combine some of the things mentioned above - have a cup of tea while cleaning the closet, or read a good book while riding a room bike :)

Have a good beginning of the winter - enjoy the autumn!

September 21, 2016


Top 5 coffee shops from around the world

When you’re travelling, there are a few things that can remind you of your home or of your routine at home. And one of them is most notably getting a cup of coffee in the morning. Luckily for us, finding good coffee places to get our fix is never a problem while we’re on the road. In fact, some cities spoil us with choices and more time can be spent on the hunt than on the actual reward.

To help your search along, we sorted out some of our favourite coffee shops that are definitely worth a visit in different parts of the world.

Devoción – Brooklyn, New York

With their reputation being the only exclusively farm-to-table coffee roaster in the world, this place truly lives up to its name. All its raw beans arrive by FedEx straight from Colombia, just 10 days after being picked, which makes for some of the freshest coffee around. Better yet, they work directly with the coffee growers and follow fair trade guidelines as well as establish social and environmental programs. This is a must see while you pay a visit to the city that never sleeps.


Palm Vaults Coffee – London, England

If ever there was a place curated specifically for your Instagram feed or your Snapchat stories, this place would be it. Different from other coffee shops, this wildly attractive independent café is filled with beauty and a high dose of pink spread throughout the decor. With colourful plant based menu as well as a rainbow latte selection, your eyes and your palette will go into overdrive. Get your camera and cellphone ready when you visit here, it is a visual feast. 

Palmenhaus – Vienna, Austria

Also known as “The Glasshouse”, this former a green house is now beautifully converted into a upscale café and dining room. Originally built in 1823, this place is not only stunning, but also filled with charm and history. What is truly breathtaking at this café is the location facing a peaceful park and the indoor greenery. Staying true to its roots, the inside is filled with floor to ceiling high plant & fauna. Comparatively to the smaller independent cafes listed above, this one is on a more grandiose scale, but oh so fitting to the city it’s in. 


ST. Ali Coffee Roasters – Melbourne, Australia

If you are a coffee snob, Melbourne is the city you want to visit. This place does not disappoint with its coffee selection. In fact, coffee is serious game here and baristas are treated as Olympic gold champions in some shops. With that in mind, Melbourne is also the culture hub of Australia so each coffee shop not only dish out a steady stream of top notch java, but also a consistently cool vibe. St. Ali is no exception. An artisanal coffee shop built within an old warehouse with a mish mash of vintage furniture is what you should expect here. Bring your appetite here too, they have a great selection of meals to enjoy which you can top off with a coffee of course. 

TOMMY café – Montreal, Canada

To round out our top selections of coffee shops we enjoyed and highly recommend is one of our hometown boys. Located in the Old Port of Montreal is this laid back neighbourhood café that is designed to wow. From its edible chocolate coated waffle espresso shot glass to its eye catching vine chandelier, every detail was thoughtfully curated to make your coffee experience grandiose and very unforgettable. 

Coffee is one of those items you can find in any part of the world. Not only is it a morning booster but it has grown into a culture and one that is transcendent of borders. We hope you get to enjoy a great brew wherever you go and hope that these suggestions might be a fun way to start in a new city.

Written by Lucy Shih, social entrepreneur and founder of of Woven by Wander.


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