La Paz city’s Birthday

July 10, 2019

La Paz city’s Birthday

July 16th: La Paz’s birthday, the city included in the list of wonders of the world, turns 210 years old.

Why is this date a holiday in the capital of Bolivia?

We will explain better why it is still celebrated today and why this is the best time to visit the fascinating city that is located at 12008 ft above sea level.


The 16th of July, Paceños celebrates the Anniversary of the La Paz Revolution against the Spanish!

Bolivia was, technically, the first Latin-American nation to declare its independence. This took place on July 16 1809 in La Paz where insurgent and revolutionary Pedro Domingo Murillo took arms, somewhere around where the current Plaza Murillo stands today. However, this lasted about 6 months until the Spaniards took back control of the capital and the country. Bolivia waited another 16 years to be independent again, on 6 August 1825 after several battles.

The Spanish conquerors wanted to keep Bolivia as much as possible because of the enormous amount of silver that was in Cerro Rico, the mountain overlooking the imperial city of Potosí, considered at the time the richest city in the world.

This is why July is a very special month for all paceños and the best time to visit Bolivia. The city is known to celebrate with concerts, theater and dance. Most of the celebration is held on the evening of the 15th, during what is called Verbena. People celebrate in the streets of La Paz while drinking hot drinks such as Sucumbe. Sucumbe is a tradition on its own, only available around this time of year. It is a Bolivian version of the eggnog with milk, eggs and singani, the Bolivian grape-base liqueur.

During the Verbena, there is a huge street party at Plaza San Francisco where people can eat, drink and enjoy free concerts. Thus, tourists in La Paz will be able to enjoy much more than the usual breathtaking sights, cable car rides across the city and towering mountains.

Many of the beyond Beanie craftswomen are precisely from La Paz. We take this opportunity to remember and thank them for the endless work they do with great care and attention so that the items they produce are perfect.

We owe a lot to these women and not only for their products but also to teach us to live in a simple way without forgetting the importance of being a mother and to raise their children in the best way.

Happy July 16th to all our craftswomen from La Paz, their children and all the people that lives in that fascinating city and keep hoping in a better world.

                                HAPPY BIRTHDAY LA PAZ !!! 


Keep hoping in a better world

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