ICELAND!! Modern Reykjavik- A Historic View

June 12, 2019

ICELAND!! Modern Reykjavik- A Historic View

In vacationing away from Massachusetts I would eventually, or in my case immediately, fall in wanderlust. It could happen almost anywhere with a place I’d been and with artwork or song I had kept trackings of via journal. Places including Nevada, cold New England, to Iceland. This lust to live not limited to me but seen by all travelers in galleries and airports, shifting in front of us all like the aurora.

With the beautifully illuminated sky and shifting weather in Reykjavik be cautious and sure that you travel safely and bring the following:

  • Sweaters for the temperature change, essential to any new to a cosmopolitan voyage.
  • Best pair of running shoes— you’re going to need, for the crossover from flat to steeper terrain and rockier cliff tops.
  • Most to all cooking ideas. Meal prepping is a must when the rest of the day is car touring and sightseeing.
  • Half filled writing journals. You can pepper these with new footnotes to fill out.

The countryside has great writing country. The car we crammed into rode down a dirt path seeping with history, music played and a hard blue sky scorched with its dryness. Oddly peacefully we fell into a spring chill with bliss. Surrounded by the landscape and natives. It felt good to breathe openly.

Hostels are perfect for a night or a week. Each has their own distinct interiors and when you travel point to point via location on the map you'll begin to understand different lifestyles and conditions, how people live in the ways they do, and definitions of happiness. Two coverlets on a bed, sink water vaguely reminiscent of salt, a smattering of books in mainly every room, a stray single coffee filter in a home of four.

Just pay attention and you'll see an Icelandic flair come through.

I actually wanted to know more about the specifically rich inner life of each home. Ideally, it's a space for a Nikon, a tourist, or a blissful seal, captivated in a journey sporting a beanie and a pair of timberlands. I have no regrets here if not trying more of the downtown bar life and getting even closer to their nature. Skies open with your chest as you breathe in the hot springs. Techno on the radio making you forget where you are. Truly everyone will love each minute of this land when we all travel with different baggage that keeps us moving on and upward.

So then really try this out for real sometime. Sit on an inactive volcano, get situated inquisitively with a frothy geyser. It could lead you to question the more peopled places leading you into the menagerie of Icelandic Punk Music. Take off your headphones now. You might greet from the shore a seal in motion or scale through the historic shark gallery. When you’re venturing across a barren cliff designated to a waterfall, look past it and realize how far you have come. Memorize each essence speaking to you.

And please take off your beanie and any remaining unfamiliarity with the landscape, look to the horizon and just observe what you feel of the northern lights. Return then as I did and know honestly, it was home.




Written by: Olivia Pellegrini

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