Become a bB rep = Help us Change lives!

Are you looking for a unique experience to:

- Help to make a difference in the world while being part of a global community of changemakers

- Get a chance to win free products while promoting social good?

- Boost your resume

- Get access to special discounts for family, friends and yourself

Responsibilities include:

- Have a genuine interest in helping to spread the word about our social mission

- Promoting beyondBeanie on social media

- Promoting and selling bB products in your community, neighborhood, college campus, etc.

Make sure to watch this 30-second video to better understand our work and social mission before applying:

Like what you just saw in the video?

We invite you to apply by completing the contact form indicating your name, email and your Instagram and city and/or college to represent in the message section.

Limited spots by city and region / Must be 13 years or older to apply/  Open worldwide 

Further questions? Email us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to assist you.