World Photo Day

August 18, 2017

Not many photographers have the privilege to thoroughly experience the world they photograph, or to know who or what they capture. This is however what sets Satori Gigie apart. Gigie, a 29 year old Bolivian lensman, was born in the outskirts of La Paz, Bolivia to a migrant mother from the countryside. He grew up humbly in a neighborhood on the fringes of La Paz city, with little to no photography training, so it came as a surprise when one of Gigie´s photograph´s (a woman “pushing” a mountain on a wheelbarrow) went viral on social media.  His photographs reveal the austerity of his homeland being constantly challenged by the strength and kindness of people who choose to live in it; the smile of an Andean child, the bright colors of an apartment building facade in El Alto, even Gigie´s mother are all shown embracing the unruly Bolivian landscape. Gigie is no stranger to the hardship faced by the residents of La Paz, in fact the photographer holds special affection towards his childhood neighborhood, often displaying it to his audience and followers. The instances captured through Gigie´s lens speaks volumes about his view of the world, and his natural (non-posed) scenes show he is unconcerned with meticulous preparation or premeditated arrangement. He captures his surroundings as they are; merely emphasizing the certain moments that go unnoticed to the untrained observer. We may not have the experiences that Gigie has had but through his photography we are able to take a glimpse into the world of this fascinating photographer.












 If you want to check out more of Satori's work you can visit his facebook | instagram | twitter accounts.

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