Teachers' Day in Bolivia

July 21, 2018

Teachers' Day in Bolivia

Teacher: "I wish you’d pay a little attention, David."

David: "I'm paying as little as I can, teacher."


All jokes aside (literally), teachers are without a doubt some of our most invaluable members of society. From teaching young children how add their first numbers together, to educating post graduates on how to become world class lawyers, teachers are the ones we have to thank for the majority of what we know.

Most countries have a special, dedicated day for which to pay homage and thanks to their amazing teachers, and in Bolivia, Teachers' Day ('Día del Maestro') is held every year on June 6.

 Looking back through history, June 6 in Bolivia is of particular significance for two key reasons when it comes to teaching and education. The first reason is actually owed to the teachers who teach the teachers. Yes, the first teachers' school was founded in Bolivia's capital city Sucre on June 6 way back in 1909.

The second reason is to honor Modesto Omiste Tenajeros, a prominent Bolivian writer and educator. A teacher predominantly of natural science, Omiste helped create the first public schools in Bolivia and distributed free books to the students. In order to acknowledge Omiste's significant contribution to the development of Bolivian education, President Bautista Saavedra established national Teachers' Day in 1924. The holiday has been celebrated on June 6 ever since.

 Teachers' Day in Bolivia is signified by a series of teacher appreciation activities that take place in schools across the country:

Song Renditions
  • Students offer song renditions during specialized occasions marking Teachers' Day. This activity is done across all Bolivian provinces and participated in by both private and public students.

Poem Recitals

  • Another joyous activity also aimed at entertaining the teachers, many students compose their own poems and dedicate them to their beloved teachers.


  • Some parents, students and even other teachers will organize special parties for teachers in the days leading up to June 6, culminating in a feast held either in the afternoon or evening on Teachers' Day itself.


  • Perhaps the most extravagant activity conducted for Teachers' Day in Bolivia is the parade around the town. Teachers are paraded during a simultaneous nationwide celebration. Different private and public schools also prepare their school bands to add glamour to the parade.

 Although not a national holiday like in other countries around the world, Teacher's Day in Bolivia is always a time when teachers, mentors, professors and educators feel incredibly happy and proud to have chosen this noble profession.

It honors the tens of thousands of professional teachers across the country, and recognizes their contribution to quite possibly the most important aspect of human life.

¡Gracias Maestros!


Written by Steve Connors


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