Mothers & Artisans

May 25, 2017

Mothers & Artisans

 Mother’s day in Bolivia is celebrated on May 27th and we want to recognize their effort as our artisans and above all, mothers.

One of beyondBeanie’s mission is that through giving women stable jobs women-empowerment is possible.  We believe that developing their technical and artistic skills will dignify their work and it will keep  them motivated on being attached to their culture therefore they could have better quality of lives.
We want to make a change: change their expectations, quality of lives, make them strongly belief they can dream bigger and accomplish those dreams. We want to  create an environment of positive change through leadership on the pursuit of a better tomorrow for them, their children and family.
Our artisans work from home, so they can take care of their children. Some of them are young single mothers, others have some health problems that don't allow them work outside their homes. Guess what? it doesn’t stop them to keep on dreaming and work to achieve it. They show talent, effort and persistence in every single piece they do. Knitting, a family tradition, gave them the possibility to move from their hometown communities to the city where  they work with us. They live the dream, having a job that allows them take care of their children and do what they love, knitting.
We want to recognize these awesome moms and women through giving them more opportunities. BeyondBeanie keeps working and spreading this mission so we can make our family of artisans grow.
Check all our artisans stories in our website , stories of talented women and mothers. You can also contact them through our page so you can know more things about them.
By reading, sharing this article and buying beyondbeanie’s products you are helping  artisans and mothers achieve their dreams plus you are being the change on the pursuit of a better tomorrow. Thank you!

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