September 13, 2017



Today we celebrate the 207th anniversary of one of Bolivia’s major cities, Cochabamba. Cochabamba is home to one of the centers of operation for beyondBeanie!


We are proud to celebrate one of the birthplaces of beyondBeanie. Cochabamba is beautiful valley city overlooked by the “Cristo de la Concordia” or Christ of the Concord in spanish. Cochabamba is rich with history, from its colonial beginnings to today, it has become a hallmark of the Bolivian story. For example, in 1812, when Bolivia was beginning to declare it’s independence from Spain, the women of Cochabamba led by Manuela Gandarillas, an elderly blind woman, helped fight off Spanish loyalists with pots, pans, and anything they could get their hands on. Women were not allowed to take arms and fight during that time, however, as a result of the efforts of Manuela Gandarilla and 300 Cochabambian women the colonials were able to successfully fight off the Spanish. Manuela Gandarilla and her companions have always been remembered by their countrymen as brave and fierce, in fact, there are statues and works of art all throughout Bolivia that depict the ingenious bravery of these women.



We believe our female artisans, who reside in Bolivia, are brave and empowering women, just like their Cochabambian counterparts. They strive to overcome their circumstances and achieve a better life for them and their families. Cochabamba is home to some amazing people and a beautiful valley landscape, if you are ever in South America, we encourage you to take a tour of this great city and meet with some great locals! We are sure it will an experience you will never forget !


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