Can charity fashion accessories and cause clothing change the world?

More often that not, at some point in our lives we've all become in hero mode and have wondered what can we do to really make this a better world and help those in need.

While the task may seem extremely complex (and trust us, it really is!) you shouldn't give up! There's always little things which you can do to do your little part to improve the world.

For instance, simply by choosing to buy from social enterprises and do-good companies such as beyondBeanie when you need a beanie, a when you are in the market for a beach bracelet, a warm alpaca poncho or an ethnic bag, you are really doing a great deal to change the world!

Helping children in Bolivia

For once, you are helping to give a fair trade job to the artisan who made your product. Secondly, you are helping to give meals, school supplies, school uniforms or dental care to a child in need.

In addition, whenever you wear your beyondBeanie charity products, you are also helping to promote the brand with the world around you, furthering your impact even more than you think.

beyondbeanie beach charity bracelets

Therefore, never underestimate the power of your purchases as they really can change the world!

Jess Fernandez
Jess Fernandez


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