A Charming Cultural Night in La Paz, Bolivia.

June 22, 2016


The most charming night in La Paz, Bolivia combines music, artistic representations and a little of cold weather. This event takes place every year at the beginning of winter.

“La Larga Noche de Museos”, is a (night) in which all museums, galleries and cultural centers are opened to the public to share Bolivian history, art and culture.



All the lights, the sounds and vibes delight all kind of tastes; they illuminate the historical and cultural panorama of the visitors. The music in all its genders are everywhere and the saucy and vigorous weather complements it perfectly!


This long and culturally powerful night unites more than 200 people and 137 cultural spaces that open up their doors and share all their treasures. Every year the number of people that visit the museums in this night is increasing, they have a promise, going back the next year.

Will you join us next year? Contact us if you are around town, or planning to visit Bolivia!

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