Rosy Zarate

"Why not enjoy life?"


My name is Rosy and I'm from La Paz.  

My family and I live with very limited resources, but we make the most of the little we have. My family consists of my husband and our three children. Money and work opportunities have become very tight here in Bolivia. In order to better support us, my husband moved to Chile to look for work as a construction worker.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with HIV. This episode completely changed my life. At first, I was very depressed. Then, I realized that while I'm still alive, I can do and should do my best to educate and provide for my children. In looking for ways to make money, I learned crocheting. I'm extremely thankful for the chance to knit for beyondBeanie. I thank beyondBeanie because they give me the opportunity to work from home, and I no longer have to go the city to sell my work.  

Even though I'm very shy, I'm a very positive person and I do my best in everyday life.



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