PR 04.02.2015

What is beyondBeanie?

 beyondbeanie (bB) is a Swiss social clothing company that makes beanies, bags and accessories.

Our product line is a fusion of Bolivian ethnic culture and Europe’s latest fashion trends.

 With every item purchased, we will help a child in need.

(beanies or hats = meals | bags = school supplies | ponchos = school uniforms) 

Another unique feature about beyondBeanie is that every product comes hand-signed by the artisan who created, whom clients can meet and greet via


What is the history behind beyondBeanie project?

 The idea for beyondBeanie was conceived by Hector Tito Alvarez, a Swiss citizen of Chilean descent, who after a trip to beautiful Bolivia was inspired to improve the living conditions of thousands of children in Bolivia in terms of nutrition and education.

 According to WFP, it is estimated that as much as two thirds of the population in Bolivia live below poverty level, situation that makes it very difficult for parents to raise, feed and educate their children.  (source:

Tito decided to start a social business that would help Bolivian children, while at the same time provide work opportunities to women artisans, who are among the most impoverished and vulnerable groups in Bolivia.

 Since its launch, has rapidly expanded from selling only beanies to including other items such as summer bags, summer beanies, summer ponchos, gloves and scarves.


What is beyondBeanie’s product line?


Our current product line includes: beanies, bags and summer ponchos.


Who makes beyondBeanie’s products?

 bB’s products are made by Bolivian artisans in the areas of La Paz and Cochabamba. 

Each artisan takes pride in making the products that our clients buy.  If you look at the inside of your product, you will find that each product carries the signature of the artisan who made it, whom you can meet and greet via the website:


What is the meaning behind the name?


When the name was chosen, it was done so with the intention of including the following two connotations:

  1.  Our product line includes more that just beanies , but also bags, ponchos, etc. (we started with beanies, but we then rapidly expanded)
  2. Besides, providing consumers with unique high quality and comfortable products, they also help to bring positive impact to the world. 


For any additional information, please contact beyondBeanie’s  head of Global Communications Nimtaz-Tanya Noordin •  •


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