July Mamani

"Always... always.... always 
find a reason to laugh"
Hello friends! 

My name is July, and I'm 21 years old.  I recently had the joy of becoming a mum.  My daughter is seven months old and she MEANS the world to me. 

Being a single mother  is not easy...but luckily I have my mum to help me out :) Unfortunately, soon after I had my baby, I was diagnosed with HIV.  It has not been easy for me to accept this, but I do my best to stay strong.

My dream is to become an engineer and support my mum and daughter.  Even though I have not been knitting for long, I'm proud of my quick progress and do this with all my heart (my mum helps me too ;) )

I want to deeply thank everyone at the beyond Beanie community for your support.

Love from Bolivia,


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