How the bB Rep Program works

Hi there!

This is Sula, bB's Rep Manager.  Chances are that if you are visiting this page, is because you've been invited to become a Bran Rep to help us in our mission of empowering artisans and helping children in need.

I've prepared this giphy so you can quickly understand what bB is all about:

What's unique about our brand is that every product is handmade, and hand-signed by the artisans who make them, so you can know exactly who your purchases support.

Furthermore, every item sold helps a child in need. For example: 1 beanie = 5 meals, 1 bag = 1 set of school supplies, 1 bracelet = 1 dental care.

To spread the word about our work, we count on the support of Brand Ambassadors who promote our social mission with friends and family, mainly through Instagram and social media.  Each Brand Rep gets an affiliate link by which you earn 10% commissions and get special discounts on the purchases they make for themselves.  The program is 100% free to participate, and you don't have minimums or quotas to meet.

To apply, simply go to this link

I encourage you to check out our Award-Winning TEDx Talk so you can learn more about how impact is created.
Let me know if you have any questions, either by email at or by Instagram DM, Lots of love,


Sula for the bB team
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