Alicia Mamani

Her dream is to have her own house where her son can grow and be happy.

Alicia Mamani is 25 and has a little one-year-old boy named Brandon. She was born in a small town near La Paz, however, now lives in the city. Before becoming one of our artisans, Alicia used to sell fruit and vegetables in the market.  Her sister-in-law Veronica taught her how to knit the bracelets, and her mom how to knit the beanies.

Alicia loves to work with us at beyondBeanie because it gives her a stable job. She wants beyondBeanie to keep growing so that more people raising a child like her can have greater opportunities.

Send Alicia a "thank you" or a "hello"!  To do so, please write an email to [email protected] indicating your artisan's name.