About me

Hi friends,

My name is Sula, I'm the Brand Ambassadors Manager (and Brand Rep) of beyondBeanie 🤘.

Chances are that if are on this page, it's because you've already watched some of my posts and stories on my Insta account @beyondbeanieUS

Before starting things off, I want to send you a big virtual THANK YOU for following my posts in which I talk about bB, the mission we support, product styling tips, and so much more! 🙈

Now, dipping into more serious stuff....you might be wondering who in the 🌍 is Sula?

Well... my journey on planet Earth started a little over 2 decades ago.  I was born in Bolivia 🇧🇴  (yeap! the same country where bB products come from) and after some living-abroad experiences and many cups of coffee later, I stumbled upon beyondBeanie!

I've been very lucky to be part of this amazing social fashion startup since a quite early stage, a startup which I've seen grow an evolve, and be an active player in creating positive change to the artisans and the children we support.

My current role is to provide support in quite a few of areas such as sales, product design, logistics, social media marketing, blogging and so much more. Yeap! we are are a very small team, but with a big heart ❤️💪🏼  and working at 110% to bring as much positive change to the world as we possibly can.  Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of amazing supporters like you who proudly purchase and rock our give-back brand!

As you already know, I'm constantly posting behind-the-scenes content 📸🎞 throwing giveaways and giving styling tips 💄👙💅 on my Insta account. In this FAQ's I'll give you some better hints about who I really am from common questions from fans and followers :)

🤔 What is your name?

My real name is Sulamita, a Spanish name which is sometimes a little over-complicated for people to remember. Therefore, I've just shortened it to Sula :)


🤔 Where are you from?

I'm 100% Bolivian, a country I love and want to see grow.

Anyhow, I also have European and Persian ancestry.  That is why sometimes people get confused and don't know if I'm Latin, European, or Persian🤷‍ My answer always is.... I'm one and all!  This is a small world after all, where we are all united by our differences, regardless of where we were born.


🤔 What are your favorites hobbies?

I love singing and dancing! My favorite beats right now are the Yodeling Kid Remix (Don't judge me! It's a sticky song 🙄 ) and Pick It Up by Famous Dex.  On the quiet side, I also like reading a good book accompanied by a good cup of tea, going to the gym and volunteering ❤️.

I love cooking and I'm pretty good at it! Or at least, that's what I think 😬 My favorite dish to cook is Pasta Pesto, have you tried it? If not yet you totally should! It's so yummy! 


🤔 What 3 words would best describe you?


🤔 What are your top tips for staying fit?

Dancing! hehe! For real, I try to live a healthy and balanced life. I love eating healthy food and staying physically active, even though I love to indulge in ice cream every once in a while :)

But seriously,  my best tips for staying fit are:

  1. Walk as much as you can, take the stairs and try to park as far away as you can from the grocery store.
  2. Dance as much as you can. I personally love to grab my glittery microphone (an old wooden groom) and start giving the show of my life all while getting my place shiny and clean!
  3. ... And eat ice cream responsibly 😍🍦



🤔 What are you favorite bB products?

This is a tough question to answer because I love them all! For example, I really love wearing our colorful bracelets either as bracelets or anklets during Spring and Summer. You can easily style them with a skirt, with jeans, with shorts and a top, etc.

I also love wearing our beautiful bags that provide school supplies!

For autumn and winter, I love wearing our beanies and ponchos. My favorite beanies are the Rainbow for a more outdoorsy look and the Cosmos for a more formal look. Again, you can easily match them to your favorite pullover or jacket.


🤔 Can we come meet you and the bB team in Bolivia?

Of course, you can! 😃 While we have members of our team working on different parts of the world (the US and Europe), most of us are based in Cochabamba.  It would by our honor to welcome you into our country, our city, and our culture! Just let us know once you plan to visit by sending an email to hello@beyobeanie.org or through my Insta account. ✈️


🤔 How can we help support you and beyondBeanie?

This is one of my favorite questions! Indeed, it's simpler than you think 😊You can simply support us:

👉 By participating in my giveaways (which I announce on my Insta) and tagging your friends to help spread the word about our work!

👉 By purchasing your favorite items from our online shop, either for yourselves or as gifts for friends and family (trust me! your friends and family will LOVE our stuff!)

👉 By reposting my posts on your social media accounts

👉 By becoming a bB rep


🤔 How can we stay up-to-date about your whereabouts?

Just keep following my Insta account 💞