5 Ways you can help fight fast fashion

More often than you think, people from underdeveloped countries are paying a very high price for the clothes that the rest of the world gets to wear.

While the most famous case of how the fast fashion industry literally kills people took place at the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh just five years, events such as this one happen more often than you think. As we all know, over 1,000 people died at Rana Plaza and other 2,000 were badly injured… leaving them without a source of income or medical assistance.

This sad occurrence brought a lot of attention to the media.  Most consumers were extremely touched and have gained conscience about the origin of the clothes and have chosen to purchase quality over quantity.

While most of us are completely against discrimination or abuse of any kind, there are still many consumers who find it hard to find ways to fight fast fashion. Believe it or not,  fighting fast fashion is easier than you think. Here are some tips through which you can become a more fashion-conscious consumer and inspire change around you.

 1) Choose to buy from brands which are transparent

While most labels will never reveal who made their clothes or even invite you to meet the maker of your clothes, other brands such as beyondBeanie, take great pride in communicating to consumers who made their clothes.  

Unlike other brands, every beyondBeanie item comes with the signature of the artisan who made your fashion accessories, allowing you to know exactly who made what you wear. You can even send a Thank-You message and communicate with your artisan through the website, or even meet your artisan in person if you ever travel to Bolivia.

 2) Buy less, choose well

Most fast fashion clothes are not really meant to last.  Indeed, they are rather intended to keep you in a constant buying cycle.  By using low quality and even toxic materials, most fast fashion item will wear out or lose their colors after just a couple of months.  

Instead, choose to buy your clothes and fashion accessories from companies such as beyondBeanie, which are meant to last and not wear out after just a couple of monthsFurthermore, besides empowering your artisan, every purchase helps a child in need at the same time.

 3) Stand up and speak out… even if its quietly!

While you don’t have to go in front of a crowd and promote fair trade fashion, you can do your part just as quietly by sharing articles such as this one on social media, or even through private message.


4)  Become a brand ambassador for ethical brands that give back

Many independent labels such as beyondBeanie, rely mainly on word-of-mount to promote themselves.  As such, have great programs in place which help you advocate for them, where you can even get rewarded for doing so.  

5) Participate at Swap events

Shopping your clothes at a swap event is a great way to wear and promote sustainable fashion, save money and meet other like-minded individuals. You can often find such events at Facebook groups, Craigslist, etc.

And you… what are you doing to fight fast fashion and support brand that promote sustainable fashion?