3 Ways you can help alleviate poverty without breaking the bank

Have you ever wondered how you can help fight world poverty, but never got around to finding a good alternative to solving the puzzle?

Believe or not, the solution to finding a solution to ending poverty can be easier than you think.  Here are some tips to help you figure out a way through which you can help make an impact, without breaking the bank

1) Travel abroad for a volunteering or internship experience

Next time you are planning a vacation, consider setting aside some time to do some volunteering or an internship.

For example, here at beyondBeanie, we constantly host people from around the world who want to live the “beyondBeanie experience”.  They find it fascinating to learn and see through their own eyes how the purchases that they make are helping to break the cycle of poverty by supporting artisans and helping children in need.

Depending on the time you allocate for such an experience, you can help in things such as helping to prepare meals for children, making videos and/or photos for us to use on social media, helping with customer support, etc.

2)  Support a social enterprise or non-profit from your own hometown by becoming a brand ambassador

Most non-profits and social enterprises rely heavily on word-of-mouth to spread the word about their impact.  

Many such organizations have brand ambassador programs through which you can even get rewarded for your kind efforts! For example, here are beyodBeanie, around 80% of our sales are the direct result of the efforts of our brand ambassadors who promote our mission from their own hometowns in different parts of the world and earn some nice rewards for doing so

You can help out simply by promoting us through social media, by setting up a table at your university, a local sports events, etc.

3) Shop from social enterprises that give back

Next time you are in the market for something you may want to buy for yourself, or to offer as a gift, consider shopping from an online retailer such as beyondBeanie, where every purchase gives back.  

What’s unique about us, is that every item you buy is hand signed by the artisan who made it, allowing you to know exactly who your purchases support, while also helping children in need. For example, when you buy a bracelet, you give dental care, when you buy a beanie, you give five meals.

And you, what are you making to help fight poverty?