Winter activities

December 26, 2016

Winter activities

Walk in snow

Maybe it sounds boring but that depends of you ;) If you go alone try to go in nature and make some photos, not just for Instagram or Facebook but amuse yourself and make some interesting photos and capture some unusual moments.

It’s always more interesting to go with somebody, a friend or a dog. Winter snow walk can be pretty healthy and good for you. And if not you can always think of that warm cup of tea at home.

Swiss Alps

                                                                                        Walking area in the Swiss Alps

 Visit a spa

If you have a spa next to you this is a great idea. And if you have a spa center with an open hot-water pool outside that’s even better. But if you have a spa center with an open hot-water pool and a view on the mountains, now that’s spectacular. If you ever have an opportunity to experience that-don’t even thing, just go and visit. I promise it’s worth every trip and every cent.


                                            Spa center in Sion - Switzerland


Go to a museum

But not any museum, find a good one. A butterfly museum, sport museum or  some interesting or even funny one....and go, amuse your winter afternoon and learn something new ;)

Olympic museum Lausanne                

                     Jessy Owens snickers                                                                                  

Olympic museum Lausanne - Switzerland



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