What does it mean to help others?

July 09, 2016

What does it mean to help others?

Believe or not, the feeling of helping other is one of the most powerful ways to boost your own happiness.

Besides this, it's a natural tendency for humans to want to socialize, learn how we are and to complete each by counting on the support of others to become better world citizens.

While helping others may not be something we are used to do, it's worth exploring what skills and competences you have which others lack. You may think that you don't have anything to offer... but trust us, helping people (or nature and animals) doesn't have to take too much time nor require huge skills.

For instance, the simple gesture of helping an elderly person cross the street is an act of help, so is giving directions to someone who is lost, or volunteering at a local dog shelter to walk the puppies.

Campus Rep

 At beyondBeanie, we are incredibly happy to constantly get emails from our supporters who ask us how they can get involved to spread the word about our mission and cause to empower artisans and help children in need. That's why we have created our Brand Rep and Ambassador Program.

We leave you with a picture of three Campus Reps in Spain promoting and selling bB bracelets at their university during lunch break.

Campus Reps

And you, what skills and competences do you have that could help others?

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