What are friendship bracelets?

July 11, 2016

What are friendship bracelets?

While friendship bracelets are among the most popular bracelets you can find in the market today, not too many people are aware of their origin nor why they have become such a huge hit.

Friendship Bracelets

Looking back in time, they are supposed to first have been made and used by indigenous tribes of Latin America. They were handmade and consisted of colorful threads worn around the wrist.

Friendship bracelets resurged in modern society around the 1980's in Guatemala during demonstrations in that country to protest about the disappearance of Mayan people during times of conflicts. Later on, the trend to wear this colorful hand made bracelets moved on the the United States and Europe.

The philosophy behind them is that you give and tie it to a friends' wrist as a symbol of support or in hopes for a wish to come true. You should not take it off and wait for it to come off on its own.

Handmade Friendship bracelets

Nowadays, many artisans have come up with their own variations of tis bracelet, innovating in styles and color combinations. In our case, our Bolivian artisans have come up with the T'hiti collection, using threads and colors which are original to Bolivian culture.  As usual each one carries the name of the artisan who made it, and every one sold helps a child in need in Bolivia.

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