Warm your heart and your soul with alpaca beanies that give back to charity

July 12, 2016

Warm your heart and your soul with alpaca beanies that give back to charity

Have you ever wanted to find the perfect Alpaca beanie where style meets change? Then you are luck! 

In case you are wondering how this perfect marriage between fashion and solidarity is possible, it's all thanks the wide range of 100% Alpaca and Alpaca blend winter hats from beyondBeanie.

Fair trade alpaca beanie

What started with just a few winter beanies from its Rainbow collection, bB has been working hard to add dozens of new styles and colors going from neutral to funky and everything in between.

Regardless of your style, what makes our men and women's hats so unique is the story that each and every one of them represents. Indeed, all our hats, no matter what color or style, they all carry the name of the artisan who crafted it.

We know how much conscious consumers care about their purchases, and that's why in an effort to bring makers and consumer closer together.  Indeed, all our items, more that just being an accessory to keep you warm, are rather tools of change that empower those whose made them.

What started with a small of group of just four artisans, has over time become a group of 20 + women. Thanks to the support of consumers like you, all our artisans are able to work while also taking care of their children. In fact, you even have the possibility to know who they are, and send them letters or emails with a little thank you or hello (give it it a try, they write back!)

Bolivian artisans knitting a winter hat

But this is not all! For every hat that our supporters buy, there is an equivalency of a Monday through Friday of school meals for children in need in Bolivia. These meals are currently delivered to children of remote areas of Cochabamba in Bolivia representing either breakfast or lunches.

Next time you plan a trip, consider going to Bolivia! Our team there will be more than happy to host you, take you to meet our artisans as well as meet the children that your purchases support.

Breakfast school program Bolivia

And you? What beanie style are you and what can of impact is your headwear making to the world? Feel free to share this article with other fellow conscious consumers just like you!

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