Things you should do in autumn

October 12, 2016

Things you should do in autumn

So, the summer is over and we're all freezing. We don't spend so much time outside so it's time to prepare ourselves for the winter. We should definitely:

*Clean and organize our closet

Put the summer clothes away, it's time for something wormer. you really need all that clothes? Of course not! Not to mention bunch of old clothes that you are saving for “just in case I lose/gain weight” or “this can be IN again someday”. Let’s be real, most of that will never happen, or you will just buy new clothes. You can donate them to Red Cross or other charity organisation, and you can also give it to a friend who might need it.


*Prepare some good worm tea

it is getting colder and is there a better way to worm ourselves quick than to drink a cup of a good tea. Today you can buy a variety of them, exocit ones with dried fruits, sweet ones with bonbons inside of the package, Japanese tea or simply mint, green or black tea. The most important thing is to enjoy in it.

Tea blooming

*Prepare some good books for reading

You don't have to buy a book, you can start reading some of the old ones all over again. You can also go to a library and find some good literacy for these cold days.


*Don't forget the physical activity

If it's not raining, or if it's not really cold you can take a walk or ride a bike (outside or use the indoor room-bike). Maybe you can consider going to gym....and than...really go there :)

You can also combine some of the things mentioned above - have a cup of tea while cleaning the closet, or read a good book while riding a room bike :)

Have a good beginning of the winter - enjoy the autumn!

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