November 22, 2017


Hello friends! Here at beyondBeanie, we want to wish all our valued customers a happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your marvelous patronage and for supporting our cause! Thanksgiving is a holiday that is uniquely American, and a day in which friends and family unite to give thanks for all they have. This holiday usually culminates with a delicious feast of a turkey dinner, and although being with your entire family can be fun, hosting a crowd is no easy task. Follow these tips for smooth sailing during this special holiday, and don’t forget to give thanks!

Potluck, Potluck, Potluck

Cooking for a dinner party can be quite exhausting especially if it is for a crowd. Avoid spending the entire holiday in the kitchen, by asking all your guests to bring a cooked dish for dinner. Potlucks can diversify your dinner menu, and leave you with more time to spend with friends and family. Don’t forget to thank your guests for their dishes!


Hosting a dinner party can be thirsty work! Be sure to prepare cocktail drinks for you and your guests. To eliminate the hassle of preparing several types of drinks, prepare a crowd favorite in advance! By doing so you will have plenty of ingredients for that one special drink that everyone is sure that ask for refills!

Turkey Day Decor

Don’t let your party be a drag! Let your guests be entertained by your holiday decoration and spirit! You can shop or make your favorite holiday pieces to spice up Thanksgiving! Your guest will be amazed by your choice of decorative lighting, printed napkins and cut out turkeys!

Eat, Exercise, Sleep, Repeat

You and your guests will likely have a hearty turkey dinner, your digestive system however might not be too grateful for all the extra food and calories. Be sure to make room for exercise to keep you light and happy! Take a brisk walk with your family group in the morning or give a tour of your hometown to your out-of-town relatives!

Singing, Dancing and Storytelling

Make your guests remember this Thanksgiving by hosting fun holiday activities! Purchase a microphone and some great speakers, and turn your living room into a lively karaoke! Use those same speakers to play some beats and have your guests dance away the night! Finally, light a small bonfire in your backyard, and take turns telling stories around the fire with your friends and family!

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