National Pet Memorial Day

September 07, 2017

Join beyondBeanie as we celebrate National Pet Memorial Day. Pet Memorial day is celebrated the second Sunday in September, and is day for pet owners to honor pets that have passed away, and also remember the role that actual pets play in our daily lives. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet can be emotionally distressing, and it is perfectly natural to grieve in any way you like. Below you will find suggestions for ways to honor your pet in a way that is healthy for you and respectful to your pet. You can also use the suggestions below to help you nourish the relationship between you and your live pet.

Donate Or Volunteer

 Find a local animal shelter or pet organization, and help animals that are less fortunate than your pet. Volunteer by helping care for strays, and maybe giving them a loving new home! You can also donate money to organizations that work to eradicate animal cruelty and homelessness.

Create A Memorial

   You can build a memorial for your pet. For example you can plant your pet’s favorite tree, flower, or shrub, etc. This will help you remember your pet even if it isn’t Memorial Pet Day.

Create A Scrapbook

   Find photos and pictures of your pet and make a scrapbook! You can document your relationship with your pet through the years. This will allow you to remember all the good times you had with your pet and help you move on, emotionally, or allow you to grow your relationship with your actual pet.  

Send Cards

  Maybe you have friends and relatives who have also gone through the passing away of a beloved pet. Make sure you to send them sympathy cards to let them know you have gone through a similar experience. Finding others who have gone through the same loss will help you feel less alone.

Visit Your Pet

    Visit your pet’s gravesite and spend a few minutes thanking them for the shared life experience. Where-ever your pet may be, they’ll be happy that you took time to honor their existence.  

These are few of the many ways you can honor the passing of a beloved pet. We hope that everyone that has gone through this kind of loss will find some comfort through the suggestions above. To everyone who has an actual pet we encourage you to partake in some to the above mentioned activities as a way to deepen your relationship with your pet. Remember that beyondBeanie is having a sale on bracelet packs to help you celebrate National Memorial Pet Day, so you can have a physical reminder of your love for your pet. Happy National Memorial Pet Day!


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