How beyondbeanie's charity bracelets are helping children from a remote area of Bolivia

About one hour away from Cochabamba, one can find the community of Punata. Even though it is not to far from the city, the contrast and the level of necessities are highly contrasting from the ones in the "big city".

Being all a dirty road, getting there is not the smoothest of drives. Regardless, what took us there about one month ago was a giving trip that took place at a local school that serves about 200 children from the community.

Once we arrived, over 100 children came to welcome the beyondBeanie team. The team consisted of the beyondBeanie Bolivia team, a few volunteers, as well with the special company of Dutch journalist Melanie Hazenberg.

Ever since the beginning of the bB project, Punata has been a community which has stayed close to our hearts. In here, beyondBeanie has supported the local school with meals, school supplies, school uniforms and more recently with dental care workshops and dental care supplies.

While at the beginning of our project the children used to be shy, over time they have become quite used to our visits and always welcome us with big smiles.

The next time you visit South America, we encourage you to visit Bolivia.  In here, you can not just visit the country, but can also meet the bB team as well as visit some of the communities which together with you, we are able to support.

Let us know if you'd like to join us!

Jess Fernandez
Jess Fernandez


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