Empowering women and fighting gender inequality the fashion way

July 08, 2016

Empowering women and fighting gender inequality the fashion way

While Bolivia is a beautiful country that has been prospering as time passes by, there are still huge steps to make to eliminate gender inequality. When you ask yourself why this is like this, more often than not you realize that is due to lack of opportunities for women and lack of women's empowerment.

Aymara artisan

Women's empowerment as we know it, is a topic that has been addresses by the UN Millennium Goals, yet there is still lots of work to be done to reach full parity.

According to a study by the Pan American Health Organization conducted in twelve Latin American countries, Bolivia has the highest prevalence of domestic violence against women among these countries.

Bolivian artisan

At bB, we are working hard to change this. That's why it's important for us to focus on providing work opportunities for female artisans, who more often than not, are the solo household providers, raising anywhere from two to five children on their own.

Every time you make a bB purchase, you are helping to empower and fight discrimination against women in Bolivia. Remember that each bB item your purchase, whether it is a charity bracelet, a cause bag, a summer poncho, or a winter hat, you are always helping to make a difference, and you can feel proud about it!

fair trade hat Bolivia

 We invite and encourage you to meet your bB artisan and send a simple "thank you" or "hello".


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