Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 19, 2017

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


This month beyondBeanie brings awareness to one the leading causes of death worldwide: Breast Cancer. Around 1.7 million new cases were reported in 2012 alone, making breast cancer the fifth most common cause of death from cancer for women around the globe. Although there have been some advancements in the treatment of breast cancer in the last few years, one of the most crucial factors for treatment has been early detection. Studies have shown that treatment for this type of cancer works best during the early stages of the illness. As a result of this finding, there have been several public campaigns for early detection and self examination in the United States, Europe, Australia and Latin America.


There are many ways to show support to those affected by breast cancer. Whether it is participating in community events, commemorating a loved one who has fallen to breast cancer, or making a small donation to a breast cancer research foundation. You can follow the suggestions below to leave your mark on breast cancer!


Create a Tribute


Make a small memorial to commemorate any loved ones who have passed away as a result of breast cancer, or to simply honor those who are currently fighting it.


Make a Donation


Contribute a portion of your income to research foundations who are working to find a cure for breast cancer, such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, or make a donation to help breast cancer patients emerge debt free with the help of The Pink Fund Inc.


Leave a Legacy


Consider making the breast cancer foundation part of your will or estate plans. Breast cancer patients and survivors will infinitely thank you for this kind of generous aid.


Make a Purchase


You can purchase beyondBeanie’s breast cancer awareness bracelet pack, and look good while simultaneously helping a breast cancer organization in Bolivia!




Be part of a volunteer team dedicated to spreading the word about breast cancer by informing the public about early detection campaigns and self examination methods. Sign up to volunteer at the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

beyondBeanie encourages you to leave your mark on breast cancer!

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