Bracelets to rock this summer!

May 04, 2018 2 Comments

Bracelets to rock this summer!

Here at beyondBeanie, we're crazy about our beautiful, handmade bracelets. Each design has its own personality, and every individual bracelet is hand-signed by the artisan who produced it. A unique, personal touch has never looked this good!

 We consider ourselves extremely humbled and lucky to work with such a talented group of female artisans here in Bolivia. Often coming from backgrounds much tougher than you or I, these wonderful women create magic with nothing but their own two hands - magic that culminates into the beautiful bracelets we are then able to share with the world.

As each bracelet is made by hand, each one is also truly unique. We use a range of different traditional stones and colors across a wide variety of designs, ensuring there is a style to suit even the choosiest bB rocker!

 What's more, every bracelet that passes from the hands of our artisans to yours via a purchase enables us to donate dental care to a child in need in Bolivia. That's right - buying something as small as one of our beyondBeanie bracelets results in those funds going directly towards the provision of dental care for children.

But it doesn't stop there! Not only are these adorable children given the tools required for regular dental hygiene, but our team also equips them with the knowledge and ability to use them effectively. This then greatly increases the likelihood of sustained use, as well as use within the rest of the family. 

And if the above still isn't enough to persuade you to join our beyondBeanie family, then perhaps a 50% off bracelet sale will! Between now and midnight Sunday, May 9, add any 6 of our handmade bracelets and enter promo code 'BBSTACK' when checking out to pay only for 3. Now not only can you create some change in the world and support local artisans, but you can do it all at an amazing price!

And with over 25 different color and style combinations to choose from, the decision couldn't be more exciting! Fancy something with flair to bring the party to life? Check out our Carnival Bright Green bracelet. Perhaps something a little more subtle and classy? Our Brown Cuzco Carbon Black bracelet could be the one for you. Or how about the perfect gift for that special friend (or girlfriend - come on guys!), our White Chasqui Candy Pink bracelet is an absolute winner!

We love our jobs here at beyondBeanie. There's just no simpler way to put it. But the one thing we love more is the satisfaction of knowing that the beautiful, handmade bracelets our amazing artisans produce are going to caring, loving homes and owners. Does this sound like you? If so, we would love to welcome you to our bB family today - together we can help make a difference in the world, and all while looking pretty darn good at the same time.



Written by Steve Connors

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Gayna (Oceans Mingle)
Gayna (Oceans Mingle)

July 26, 2018

Just bought 6 bracelets – can’t wait to wear them and share them with my daughter!


May 07, 2018

I love to wear but it’s first time in my life to wear hope it’s look good

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