Discover Bolivia: "6 de Agosto" Edition !

August 05, 2017

Bolivia’s  independence day is rapidly approaching and we want to show you why we love the self-proclaimed “Heart of South America”. Let’s begin!




Bolivia has several different regions, and each one has it’s own unique climate and culture. The states of Santa Cruz, Beni, and Pando are located in the tropical sector of the country. Here you’ll find virgin rainforests, twisting rivers and even dolphins! 

All are accompanied by a warm and humid climate giving that “forever summer” feel. The states of La Paz, Potosi, and Oruro are in what is known as the “altiplano” or plateau belt. Traveling in the altiplano you’ll find yourself with dali-esque landscapes,  rocky terrains and an astonishing salt flat where sky and land meet .

It can get very chilly in this region - especially at night - but the amazing sights make it all worthwhile.

Finally, the states of Chuquisaca, Tarija and parts of Cochabamba are known to be in the “Chako” which means ´hunting lands´ in Quechua. Although this región is mostly used for cattle farming, it is also home to Bolivia´s rapidly expanding wine industry! Accompanied by a semi-arid climate, ¨Chako¨ is ideal for lounging and wine tasting with friends and family.




With Bolivia’s Independence almost here, you will be able to see several different parades and festivals taking place throughout the country. Bolivian’s usually celebrate by dancing!

Each region has traditional dances that celebrate the culture and customs of that particular province. For example, you have Tinkus from the state of Potosi ( insert image here), Morenada from La Paz (insert image here), Caporales from Cochabamba ( insert image here), and Tobas from Beni. Their colorful costumes and enthusiasm draws in large crowds of people every year. It is a thrilling thing to see!


With such diversity in landscapes and climate, there is a lot to do in Bolivia - especially if you like to travel! Rafting is a popular sport especially in the warmer sections of the country; you’ll find yourself paddling through long rivers and arriving at locations only a handful of people have been to. You can also experience the cities and rural areas of Bolivia first hand by biking! This occurs especially in La Paz where you can join a group of adventure bikers and head uphill to take incredible pictures of the Illimani (insert picture here) and work up a sweat! Given Bolivia’s breathtaking mountains you can also become one with nature and climb up the to the snowy peaks of the Illimani or the Tunari. Not only will you have an incredible views but you will also feel accomplished for doing so!

These are just some the reasons why we love Bolivia. If you ever have a chance to wander down to South America, come and swing by to experience Bolivia for yourself!

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