Back to nature - Serbia

August 22, 2016

Back to nature - Serbia

Serbia is a small country situated between Central and Southeast Europe. With great geographical - economical position and a rich history, this land has also a beautiful nature.

Growing up in Serbia was so wonderful and “old-school”. Running through the specious fields, stealing fruits from neighbour’s orchard, spending summer holidays in the countryside with family, or just playing volleyball by the lake. Memories full of colours in the nature where our grandparents planted all the things that they ate. Almost untouched, so non-toxic and pure.

 river Drina

Drina river


Lisine waterfal

Lisine waterfall


Can you actually imagine anything more beautiful than that. Rivers like Danube, Sava, Drina, Tisa and others; Palic, Zlatar, Djerdap and other lakes bring the life to endless fields on the North and amazing hills and mountains on the Southern part of Serbia...and all that can fit into one small country with a huge heart and soul!

 Palic lakePalic lake

If I could show you all that –believe me I would, but maybe you can get a god idea of what I’m writing about in this fantastic video. Authors of this video are from Poland who are travelling and filming around the world. You can see their impressions here:


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