Back to nature - Estonia

March 03, 2017

Back to nature - Estonia

Scandinavian countries are more than beautiful. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to live in one of them. Estonia is a young country with very hardworking, kind and generous people, who are a complete opposite from their cold and ruthless winters.
Park Tallinn
                                       Park in capital city – Tallinn
The thing that really surprised me are the ducks all around us. They are so beautiful, non-disturbing and comfortable in their environment. You can just watch their beauty and enjoy, that’s all you need.

One of the most gorgeous waterfalls I saw was definitely Jägala waterfall. It wasn’t in his full strength and beauty, but still, it was so memorising.
                                                     Jägala waterfall
The nature is almost untouched, with a lot of forests and rivers. Very simple and still very surprisingly extraordinary.
There are so so many things to see: rivers, canyons, lakes, islands...and in such a beautiful atmosphere. This was a true back to nature experience. Hope to get back there soon... :)

                                           Artificial lake near to Kehra



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