5 tips for staying in holiday mood

September 19, 2016

5 tips for staying in holiday mood

By: Melanie blog: www.blogsvanmelanie.com

We all love the summer period where we can travel around the world, meet people of different cultures and do the craziest things. But everything is coming to an end; unfortunately. It is already half September and almost everyone started working again of going to university. Although we also enjoy that; nothing can outgo our most amazing holiday. For me the last five months were really special. I was in Bolivia where I did my internship and I met there the people behind Beyond Beanie who I will never forget. I miss some things of my impressive experiences in Bolivia and that’s why I want to stay in the holiday mood. Here are five things of how you can stay in this mood!

  1. Organize a theme dinner/lunch
    In every country are typical dishes. Isn’t it great to show your family and friends what you ate the last couple of weeks? Cook your favourite dish and invite your close friends and it’s going to be a perfect dinner. You can even decorate the table with typical decorations of the specific country you have travelled to. Get dressed up and you will have lots of fun!


  1. Make a photo book
    If you are thinking all the time of your great holiday and you miss everything of it, you have to make your own travel photo book! Choose the best photos of your trip and make a photo book or album. Than you can invite all your friends to look at all your photos so you can tell them everything of your great trip.


  1. Be a tourist in your own country
    If you love to discover new places you can also do that in your own country. There are most of the time a lot of places where you have never been too because you maybe think it is not worthwhile visiting. Sometimes we oversee beautiful places in our own country or maybe even our own city. There are so much beautiful places. Take your camera and look around! Act like a tourist and be a tourist!


  1. Talk with everyone
    One thing I love to do on Holidays is meeting new people. When you look different and are interested people are always able to talk with you. I like to know things about the culture; who they are and how they live. If you like to do this too, you can also do it in your own country. There are a lot of differences in even your city what you don’t know. Talk with people who are sitting on the benches in the center or go to a community center and drink a cup of tea with random people. I am sure you will like it!


  1. Make a travel list
    You will definitely stay in the holiday mood if you’re already thinking of what you want to do on your next holiday. Which places do you want to visit? What do you have to plan before you go? Where do you want to go? What do you need? And when are you going.. It is always good to think of your next holiday so you will keep excited of what will happen this time.

I hope you will have a great, positive mood right now! If you have any other tips? Let us know!

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