5 things to do this summer

July 28, 2016

5 things to do this summer

Don’t be lazy because summer is not just for vacations, you can do so much more. Use all that is given to you, the Sun, the fruits, the colours, the nature...the energy!
  1. Take the camera and capture!

Take random photos of your day, go outside and explore your artistic side. The trees, the birds, the ice cream...catch all the moments that can remind you of summer.


  1. Activate your body

You definitely don’t have an excuse to stay at home. The Sun is out and it’s time to dust up your bike and enjoy the day. You can also go swimming, skateboarding, hiking, jogging, or just walking. It’s also a good idea to invite a friend and make it more fun, why not even make a contest J

  1. Make a meal in nature: bbq and picnic

One of the best ways to use the summertime is to eat in nature. Make a barbeque and invite all of your friends that you didn’t see for a while. Or organise a picnic with your family. You really don’t need more than weather, food and good company!


  1. Make your own cocktail or ice tea

It doesn’t have to be a party to drink a cocktail. Make your favourite ones and try those alcohol free cocktails. You can also make a homemade ice tea that can be as sweetened and as delicious as you want to. You can be very creative with mint, ginger, dry fruit or even with some candy. You can also buy already prepared mixture, stir it and cool it.

  1. Relax and enjoy

After all, isn’t summer for that?! Go to the nearest beach or riverside, read your favourite book on the terrace, do yoga in the sunrise or sunset...Absorb the sun, absorb the energy, and clear your thoughts for some big actions in future. Enjoy the summer!







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