5 Tips for Catching Some Zzz's When Your Mind is Strung Out

5 tips for a good night's sleep
If you’re anything like us you love to think, and for some reason the wheel starts turning as soon as you hit the sack (or futon, we’re not judging). And you think about everything…from what’s for breakfast or a trip to Hawaii to solving the problem of world hunger! What on earth is that all about? 
Well, if you’re looking for some tricks to put your thoughts on hold while you get in a good night of zzz’s, here are a few of our favourites. You might use just one, a combination, or all of them. It depends on how strung out your mind is and how long it's taking you to relax. Do what works for you.
1. Count down from 10 with suuuper deep breaths. This will relax you more than anything, which is the first step to falling asleep. Depending on how tired you are, this alone can work. If it does, high five! If it doesn’t, don’t fret just yet - move on to another method below. 
2. Think of nothing. And we mean, nothing. Imagine a huge white canvas, with nothing on it. Most of the time your mind will find it impossible to think of nothing, but if it starts doodling things on the canvas, paint it white again and just bask in the simplicity of thinking about...nothing. We're not stereotyping (we wouldn't dare) but we do know that men can be particularly good at this one! 
3. Send every part of your body to sleep, one by one. This is our favorite one. For this one you lay flat on your back, and as you breath slowly, tell different parts of your body to go to sleep. Start with your toes - wiggle them a few times (but don’t boogie), and then imagine them falling asleep and getting heavier. At this point, you can't move that body part anymore. Move up to your calf muscles, your knees, thighs, butt (jiggle it, but still no boogie), belly, chest, arms, hands and fingers. If you're still not asleep at this point, continue with your face. Scrunch it up a few times, relax it and feel it get heavier. And don’t worry, it’s dark and nobody will see you looking ridiculous.
4. Listen to someone else breathing in their sleep. This one sounds a bit creepy, but I promise it works. Have you ever noticed that when you lay down for nap next to someone it automatically makes you sleepy when they doze off? There’s a reason why!
5. Lie awake and try to keep your eyes open in a pitch black room. As they close, try to keep them open. Imagine that you have toothpicks keeping them open (and I mean imagine, don’t ever put toothpicks in your eyes). When you finally give up, closing your eyes will feel so nice that you'll be so happy you can finally fall asleep! 
Well, those were our words of advice! We hope they work for you as well as they have for us. And if all else fails, try counting sheep. 
Written by Sarah Olofsson, copywriter and baby food blogger

Sarah Olofsson
Sarah Olofsson


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