5 fair trade handmade bracelets you should be wearing this summer

July 24, 2016

5 fair trade handmade bracelets you should be wearing this summer

If you love fair trade and hand made, you definitely need to check out beyondBeanie's stylish bracelets that give back.

What's really unique about them, is that besides being made 100% by hand, they are all signed by the artisan who made it so you know whom it came from.  In addition for every one sold, you help provide dental care to children in need in Bolivia.

Bracelets that give dental care

Now, how to choose the perfect bracelet to wear is not always an easy task. Anyhow, depending on the day or your mood, you can always find a bB to matching you up!

1. For a hot summer day at the beach, you can never go wrong with a bracelet from the Carnival collection, such as the Carnival Deep Watermelon. Inspired by the vivid colors of Bolivian culture, the Carnival Deep Watermelon is a simple yet original bracelet that is guaranteed to add a splash of color to your wrists.

 2. For guys, ever since we launched it, the Matrea Chocolate Brown has been an all time favorite!  NO matter if you wearing casual or or sporty, it will always be a match!

 3. For a fancy night in which you are looking for something more elegant, you can always trust the Andes Collection.  Made with 100% Bolivian love, this is certainly a bracelet which will make you stand out.

 4.  If you are looking for a bracelet that helps contribute to other charities, you should definitely take a look at the Hope Bracelet from our Raymi Collection.  Through the Hope Bracelet, beyondBeanie is committed to supportimg other causes from around the world through limited edition partnerships. If you'd like to suggest a cause, send an email to hello@beyondbeanie.org


 5. No matter if it's summer, winter, day or night, one of the most versatile bB charity bracelets which you can own is a hand made piece from the Chasqui Collection.  It's not only stylish to wear, but it's also a great ornament if you want to wear as an anklet.

Now, which bracelet are you? Feel free to check the full collection on our site.

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