Before beyondBeanie

June 06, 2016

Before beyondBeanie


- Tito (In Switzerland): Hey Paty! good news! I’ll be going to Bolivia in a few days, I’ll be finally visiting you.

- Paty (In Bolivia): That sounds amazing! Look forward to your arrival.  I'll be more than happy to show you around.

- Tito (Now in Bolivia): Bolivia is such a beautiful country.  Check out these artisans knitting these beanies. These beanies are so beautiful. These artisans are really talented!  


While Tito was very impressed with the the friendliness of the local food, ethnic cuisine, and the magnificent sights which Bolivia has to offer, he also noticed that there was a lot of poverty particularly affecting women and children.

Trying to help in as little as he could, Tito bought a few hats from different ladies and took them back with him to Europe. Realizing that his friends really loved the colorful Bolivian handicrafts, Tito saw the potential opportunity to sell these talented artisans's works in Bolivia; and by doing this, he could help them make a sustainable stream of income.


- Tito (back in Switzerland): Paty! I really enjoyed my stay in Bolivia. Thanks for showing me around. My friends loved the beanies I brought them! I was thinking we could start selling them here. By doing this, we can offer people in Europe these high quality beanies.  At the same time, we can also help these women have sustainable incomes to support their children in families.

Paty immediately thought Tito’s idea was something huge and feasible.  She made several trips from her home town Cochabamba to La Paz to recruit  the artisans who would be part of that beyondBeanie young family.            


In addition, something else could be done!

Besides helping provide a better future for these women, beyondBeanie decided to also help children in need and start providing  meals, school supplies and uniforms to children need, starting with the Salomon Klein Center, a  center that gives shelter and new beginnings to the abused, abandoned, and orphaned street children of Cochabamba, Bolivia.


Two years have now passed since beyondBeanie was born.  Over time, bB has evolved to sustain over 20 women who made their products, helping to provide meals, dental care treatments and school supplies to over 400 children in different communities around Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Be part of our adventure! Discover our products and be part of the change with us!

Rock a beyondBeanie. Change a life!

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