10 Ways to Fight Climate Change

January 12, 2018

10 Ways to Fight Climate Change

       This month, beyondBeanie, would like to bring attention to a serious matter that affects everyone around the globe, climate change. Particularly the kind caused by man-made pollution, habitat destruction, and consumerism. Each year, glaciers all over the world become smaller and cover less land mass, because rising temperatures melts them away. As a consequence, this leaves many animals, like polar bears and penguins, with limited or no habitat space.

Winter sports are also limited by climate change, particularly, sports practiced in snowy mountains like skiing and snowboarding, because every year there is less snow in those places. These are only a few of the consequences created by climate change, however, if each of us make small changes in our daily habits we could stop climate change from progressing.


Here are a few ways you can participate in keeping our planet and climate healthy!

  •       1.    Consume Locally Grown Fruits And Vegetables
  • Whenever you purchase imported fruits and vegetables, you are also paying for the transportation and gas consumption needed to get the product to your local store. In addition, packaging for fruits and veggies, like wooden crates and plastic film, add waste to landfills which are already full. Transportation uses non-renewable sources of energy, and produces carbon dioxide which harms the Earth's’ atmosphere. You may think that buying locally is not possible, yet an easy way to do so is by  shopping  items such your fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk at your local farmers market. . By doing this you’ll be improving your local economy and give the planet a helping hand !

    1.    Shop Brands That Support The Fight Against Climate Change

    If you are busy and don't have the time to actively join an organization that fights climate change consider making a small contribution any organization that keeps the planet healthy. This month beyondBeanie is donating 10% percent of the profits every beanies purchase towards fighting climate change!

         3.     Go Green!

    Think about purchasing eco-friendly appliances for your home. These appliances should reduce your daily consumption of electricity and water while still giving you all the comfort and convenience you need.

    1.   Support Organizations That Fight Climate Change

    Join organizations like Protect Our Winters or follow pro-snowboarder Jeremy Jones in fighting climate change to protect our climate and winter sports!

    1.    Make Your Commute Eco-Friendly

    Consider taking public transportation, walking, biking, or ever rollerblading to your destination and back! This will lower the carbon footprint you leave on the planet and will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide expelled into the air.

    1.    Recycle

    When purchasing packaged products chose manufacturers that recycle their packaging!  Also remember to recycle products that contain glass, wood, plastic and aluminum. This will significantly reduce the need for new resources when making new products.  

    1.   Save Your Water

    By reducing the amount of water you use, particularly hot water, you will significantly reduce your water and energy bill! Consider taking short showers and turning off the faucet when you don't need it. This will lessen the amount of non-renewable electricity consumed and reduce pollution.

    1.    Create A Compost Pile

    Instead of letting your green waste, like leftover veggies and fruit peels, go to a landfill and contribute to habitat destruction, consider creating a compost pile in your garden! Green waste naturally decomposes and makes an excellent fertilizer for you garden. If you don't have a garden consider joining your community garden and help create a compost pile there.

    1.   Install Solar Panels

    Think about installing solar panels in your home and reducing your intake of non-renewable electricity. This will significantly reduce your electricity bills and will reduce the need for natural resources to be exploited.

    1.   Spread Awareness

    Try giving talks to the public about the dangers of climate change and ways they can participate in reducing their carbon footprint and saving the planet! Join other speakers in your community and spread the word!


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